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months diet pills like phentermine over counter Affiliate Management & Marketing Company | Affiliate Management Consultant

Affiliates, view our programs here.

Affiliate Program Management

As a leading affiliate management company, Versa Marketing Inc. has years of experience launching new affiliate programs and taking over the management of existing programs. Our affiliate relationships and program management experience are the ultimate tools for increasing your results through performance based marketing.

Affiliate Program Management Graph

Learn more about our affiliate management services >>

What's Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can seem overwhelming, let us simplify it for you? We’ve put together a breakdown of the various players, where your company fits in and the advantages of this powerful, performance based marketing channel.

How affiliate marketing works >>

What our clients & partners say

  • "Partnering with Versa on our affiliate management has made a tremendous difference with our programs. It’s provided additional scale we would not have been able to achieve internally, and across the board we are seeing revenue growth in double digits, a strong focus on recruitment, fraud auditing/resolution, and deployment of new programs. We’re extremely pleased with the Versa team and the results they are generating."

    Only Natural Pet Store

  • "We have been very impressed with Versa Marketing. Not only have we seen and immediate impact in our shareasale referrals, we were also very impressed with the detailed launch our Avantlink program. They have freed up our marketing team to focus on future projects. Versa has been a great "hands free" solution to management of our affiliate program."

    —Colorado Kayak Supply

  • "The members of Versa's team were a perfect extension to our marketing team. They made it easy to quickly grow and maintain Neat's affiliate business. Their attention to detail and experience in the field has made them a real asset."

    —The Neat Company

  • "Versa Marketing's team is amazing! They took the time to understand our business and provide great support throughout the whole process. I would recommend Versa for someone exploring affiliate marketing!"


Our Clients

  • Traeger Grills Affiliate Program
  • Urthbox Affiliate Program
  • Bespoke Post Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Rocky Mountain Trails
  • Field Supply
  • Colorado Kayak Supply
  • Niteize
  • Eco Vessel
  • Neat Affiliate Program
  • EZYDog
  • Only Natural Pet Store
  • creativebug
  • Exposed Skincare Affiliate Program
  • NEwhere Affiliate Program
  • Henley
  • Plural Sight Affiliate Program
  • Lift Kits
  • InterCall
  • iCanvas Art
  • Xtrema
  • Elementem
  • Shabby Apple
  • Six Nutrition
  • PowerIce
  • xeroshoes
  • WatchCo
  • Rare Form
  • Perfect Dog
  • Ubooly
  • Name That Dog
  • Divinely
  • Solarbak
  • truistic
  • in-state angels
  • Recruit U
  • Ruth's
  • Tungsten World
  • AmericanBox
  • Classic Shapewear
  • x3 Watch
  • Zeonetix
  • OversightStickers
  • Sushi Quik Affiliate
  • Mediderm
  • HealthTap
  • Intrepid
  • Lotus
  • Energy
  • New Fed
  • Ouidad
  • Solo Stove
  • Toilet Paper
  • Tour Radar
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