Versa is exclusively focused on affiliate marketing and we’ve spent the last decade perfecting affiliate program management.

We’ve developed practices and affiliate management methodologies that are proven to deliver higher sales for our clients.

We’ve built expansive relationships with high-quality affiliates across every vertical and marketing channel and leverage the power of these relationships to rapidly grow every program we manage.

Our seasoned account managers are accessible whenever you need them – no ticket systems here.

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Proven Results for all Program Types

Launch a New Program

Launch a New Program We understand the complexities of launching an affiliate marketing program, and we handle all of the details on your behalf. We’ll launch a program that is designed specifically around your goals that generates rapid results and sustainable growth with a positive ROI.

Under Our Management
  • Launch a high-margin affiliate marketing channel
  • Leverage the marketing power of online publishers
  • Launch your program the right way, the first time
  • Expedite time to results

Grow Your Existing Program

Our proven track record of re-energizing programs consistently produces growth beyond our clients’ expectations. With the powerful leverage of our relationships, combined with our longstanding expertise, we’ll generate new and consistent growth for your program.

Under Our Management
  • Expand partnerships
  • Modernize your affiliate program
  • Activate top-tier partners
  • Open new revenue streams

Customized Services for Every Organization


Emerging brands are experiencing growth and looking to expand into highly profitable marketing programs. Their focus is on performance driven programs that drive volume with high profitability.

Our emerging client strategies enable rapid growth while maintaining profitability factors that are key to sustainable long-term growth. You’ll receive management catered to the unique needs of your emerging business.


Mid-Market brands are focused on incremental and sustainable growth with an optimal ROI. These brands are looking for repeatable sales partnerships that can sustain long-term company growth.

With a combination of tactics from emerging and enterprise client management, we’ll generate meaningful growth your mid-market company is


Enterprise clients are looking for accelerated growth while maintaining ROI through proper cost optimization. Marketing compliance and adherence to business directives are key to a successfully operated affiliate program.

We’ll provide management and growth at scale with a holistic approach to how the affiliate channel will interact with other marketing channels, departments, retail channels and the overall business.

Affiliate Programs

Expert Affiliate Management

Affiliate programs must be expertly managed in order to maximize their potential. We will ensure that every aspect of your program is managed with the attention required for success.


Develop a results-driven channel strategy

Recruit a high-volume of quality affiliates

Negotiate with partners for top placements

Deliver frequent reports and communications to clients

Relationship Driven Channel

10+ Years of Developing Partnerships

In a relationship driven channel, Versa has built it’s reputation on developing the deepest and highest volume of partnerships across every category and affiliate marketing type.


Position your brand within authoritative content that is reaching your target audiences.


Build your creator community and measure the results.

Editorial (PR)

Reach audiences in mass through editorial content aimed at your ideal audiences.


Acquire immediate sales through blogger endorsements while generating long-lasting evergreen content.


Acquire purchase-ready customers that can’t be reached through intent-based marketing.


Leverage review sites to explain, convince and convert high-intent shoppers.


Identify additional revenue streams through automated tech solutions that find, optimize and convert sales opportunities.


Generating sales through captive app user audiences who are incentivized to purchase.


Work with advertiser, affiliate and hybrid model companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships that drive sales.