Beauty brand, Bio Ionic, sees 6,000% growth with content sites and influencers
About The Client

Premium hair styling tool company

Bio Ionic is a premium hair styling tool company renowned for its award-winning heat tools crafted with top-tier materials and advanced technology.


annual increase in affiliate sales


YoY affiliate program growth
Case Study Features

The Highlights From This Case Study

Increasing Sales

The Challenge

While the brand had seen some initial success through influencer partnerships on various platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube), they needed to scale these content creator partnerships at a lower cost without sacrificing content quality.

Focus Areas

The Solution

After reviewing the affiliate program performance Versa identified the following focus areas to expand partnerships with content creators in the beauty and hair styling space:

  • Offer short-term, increased affiliate commissions to increase program engagement and activity.
  • Focus on tiered compensation structure to prioritize customer acquisition.
  • Identify, segment, and recruit niche affiliates. Align the hair styling tools offered by the beauty company to affiliates reaching those relevant audiences (Non-damaging hair tools align with affiliates talking about protective hair styling, hair hydration, hair health, etc.)
  • Generate eye-catching product sample bundles for affiliates to leverage when marketing the beauty company in photo and video content for content and social shopping platforms.
Versa's Targeted Approach

The Results

Versa’s targeted approach in identifying and recruiting new partners yielded an increase in affiliate response rate and overall program interest. Our revamped incentives strategy led to a surge in content creation, requiring no upfront costs to the brand due to a commission-based structure.

This approach contributed to a rise in earned media, resulting in a significant increase in click traffic and program revenue.

Our execution not only encourages new partners to join but also facilitates sustained engagement from our partners, encouraging them to consistently create and share content for the brand.