Affiliate Program

Unlock a New Revenue Source for Your Store

Launch a Direct Affiliate Program for your Amazon Store and drive more traffic to your products.  Only pay affiliate partners when a customer purchases.

Amazon has opened the ability for affiliate networks to integrate directly with Sellers and their Amazon stores.  This means that brands can now launch an affiliate program and connect directly with affiliate publishers.

Program Benefits

Amazon Direct Affiliate Program Highlights

Product Sales

Organic Product
Ranking Increase

Recruit & Work Directly
With Affiliates

Trackable Performance Metrics

Customizable Commissions

Earn Brand Referral Bonus

Beyond Sales

Increase Organic Product Ranking & Earn Rebates


Amazon considers traffic from Direct Program affiliates as off-platform. Off-platform traffic plays a tremendously significant role in the Amazon A9 product ranking algorithm. Increase your organic rankings through a direct affiliate program.


All Amazon Direct Affiliate program sales qualify for an average Brand Referral Bonus of 10% (see details HERE).  Amazon prioritizes off-platform traffic and is rewarding sellers launching these affiliate programs.

Versa have been the perfect partner for our affiliate marketing channel due to both their extensive network of affiliate partners plus their knowledge and direct relationship with Levanta.

Akash Kansagra, Grace & Stella Brand Lead
Relationship Driven Channel

Applying 10+ Years of Partnerships to Amazon Direct Affiliate Programs

In a relationship-driven channel, Versa has built its reputation on developing the deepest and highest volume of partnerships across every category and affiliate marketing type.


Position your brand within authoritative content that is reaching your target audiences.


Build your creator community and measure the results.

Editorial (PR)

Reach audiences in mass through editorial content aimed at your ideal audiences.


Acquire immediate sales through blogger endorsements while generating long-lasting evergreen content.


Acquire purchase-ready customers that can’t be reached through intent-based marketing.


Leverage review sites to explain, convince and convert high-intent shoppers.


Identify additional revenue streams through automated tech solutions that find, optimize and convert sales opportunities.


Generating sales through captive app user audiences who are incentivized to purchase.


Work with advertiser, affiliate and hybrid model companies to create mutually beneficial partnerships that drive sales.

Reach out to discuss how Versa can launch an Amazon Direct Affiliate Program for your store.