Amazon Affiliate Program: Levanta and Grace & Stella.
About the Partnership

Agency, Network & Brand Collaboration

Launched in 2016, grace & stella was built on a dedication for ‘feel-good moments’, and the principle that these moments positively impact other aspects of life. They sell an award winning line of vegan & cruelty-free skin, body and hair care products on Amazon.

In early 2023, grace & stella began working with affiliate agency, Versa Marketing, and rolled out their Amazon affiliate program on Levanta in March. Since then, they've experienced remarkable growth in affiliate sales and have boosted their Amazon product ranking considerably.

Versa Marketing secured high-performing publisher partnerships with the likes of LoveToKnow, Hyphen Social and LovedByJen from Levanta’s expansive network. Their software platform was used to facilitate, track and manage each partnership for the grace & stella program.

"We are excited to continue our partnership with both Versa and Levanta. We feel that the value proposition is very compelling for affiliates on Levanta and are therefore confident that the platform will quickly grow" - Akash Kansagra, Grace & Stella Brand Lead

Amazon Rank

Position 520 in June Improved to Position 28 in December

Sales Increase

$356,881 in Sales across 362,384 Clicks
Case Study Features

The Highlights From This Case Study

Benefits for the Brand

Versa Grow’s grace & stella Affiliate

Under Versa Marketing’s management, and through Levanta’s affiliate marketplace, grace & stella quickly saw publisher adoption and Amazon product sales growth. They added over 150 partners to their program, including a mixture of content websites, editorial publications and social media influencers, leading to grace & stella generating over $350,000 in affiliate sales since teaming up with Versa & Levanta.

“Versa Marketing was an early adopter of Levanta and has been incredibly successful in growing Amazon affiliate programs on the platform. Their highly scalable affiliate & influencer recruitment strategy would be hyper-valuable to any Amazon seller.” – Ian Brodie

In addition to sales growth, grace & stella have significantly increased their best seller rank on Amazon. Sales rank on Amazon can be impacted by a multitude of marketing efforts.

Outside traffic plays a vital role in Amazon’s product ranking algorithm. So affiliate traffic has been instrumental in moving grace & stella’s products higher up the Amazon rankings. As a result, more shoppers can discover their products on Amazon and they make more sales to Amazon shoppers.

Amazon Ranking Results

Increasing Amazon Sellers Rank

On 1st September 2023, grace & stella’s Energizing Eye Masks had a sales rank of 520 in the  Beauty & Personal Care category. On 10th December, (at the time of writing), the product had improved to a sales rank of 28*.

“Levanta has been instrumental in unlocking the opportunity to partner directly with Amazon affiliates and growing Amazon sales for our clients.  They continue to expand their network and invest heavily in feature and functionality enhancements.  They’ve been a great network partner for Versa.”  – Joel Wood, Versa Marketing, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

“Versa have been the perfect partner for our affiliate marketing channel due to both their extensive network of affiliate partners plus their knowledge and direct relationship with Levanta. They were an early adopter of the Levanta platform and are in the loop on the latest features as it constantly evolves” – Akash Kansagra, Grace & Stella Brand Lead

*Data independently sourced from the Amazon sales tracking tool, Keepa.

Results Through Partnerships

How the Collaboration Benefits Everyone

Versa Marketing helps everyone because:

- They are experts at recruiting and managing the relationship between brands and affiliates.

- They know and understand all of the channels in play and can make the right strategic decisions for grace & stella.

- As an early adopter of Levanta, they understand its power and how to manage campaigns properly with it.

- The brand, grace & stella benefit because:

- They know their affiliate relationships are being managed properly.

- They have full visibility of campaign performance and data flow.

- They can recruit partners quicker.

- They can easily manage which products are available to their affiliates.

Using Levanta helps everyone because:

- The synchronization with Amazon’s brand referral program allows all involved to see the performance of campaigns.

- Both brands and affiliates can agree on a fair reward system through customizable commissions.

- Their large affiliate marketplace easily allows brands and affiliates to collaborate.