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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program – Launch & Management

September 1, 2022

Amazon Affiliate ProgramArticle Overview
• Refersion integrates with the Amazon Marketplace
• Versa expands service offering to include the launch and management of Amazon Affiliate Programs
• Merchants now have the ability to track Amazon sales from individual affiliate partners

Amazon & The Affiliate Channel

As more and more consumers transact on Amazon, merchants have been looking at ways to expand their marketing and sales for their storefronts. Their primary marketing methods have been PPC ads on Amazon and working to organically rank well in product listings. Missing, was the ability to effectively work with affiliate partners to drive off-platform (external) traffic to their storefonts and products pages. The inability to leverage the highest ROI channel of affiliate marketing has been frustrating.

This has now changed with Refersion’s integration with the Amazon Marketplace. With this integration, Versa is excited to announce that we have now expanded our services to include the launch and management of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Refersion is top U.S. affiliate tracking platform. The primary responsibility of an affiliate platform is to track clicks and conversions and attribute them to the appropriate affiliate. In addition to the technical benefits a platform provides, they are also used for media hosting, commission payment processing and program reporting.

Versa is a preferred Refersion agency partner and launches and manages affiliate marketing programs for merchants. Programs managed under Versa consistently generate a 15X ROI compared to those managed in-house.

What This Means

Prior to Refersion’s integration, affiliates may have linked to various products across the Amazon Marketplace but merchants could not trace the source of any partner traffic back to the affiliate that generated it. There was zero transparency. Without that transparency, affiliate and merchant collaborations couldn’t develop and thrive. On the other side, affiliates received Amazon’s industry known low commission rates (4% avgerage) and had to deal with a short 24 hour tracking window – no credit for transactions that occur outside of that initial click window.

Without an Amazon Affiliate Program

• Industry low commissions rates from Amazon
• Minimal 24 hour tracking window

• Inability to track which sales were coming from affiliate sources
• Reliant on other Amazon marketing methods with a lower ROI that affiliate marketing

Now, with Refersion’s integration, Versa will have the ability to work transparently and effectively with affiliates to build out robust Amazon Affiliate Programs for its clients. Sales can be tracked down to the individual affiliate who generated them – not an option before. Commissions can be adjusted from the non-incentivizing, low Amazon rates to those that are aligned with the value of each affiliate partner.

In addition to that, merchants can capitalize on Amazon’s 10% bonus given on sales from external sources. Based on Amazon’s ranking algorithm, merchants will also see a likely boost to their organic rankings which factor in sales from external traffic.

With an Amazon Affiliate Program (Managed by Versa and Power by Refersion)

• Value based commission rates
• 30 day tracking window

• Affiliate sales tracking transparency
• Ability to create custom commissions
• Increased external traffic

This is a game changer for engaging affiliates who ready and willing to drive traffic to your Amazon storefront. As a Refersion agency partner we can set up your Amazon affiliate program to take advantage of this exclusive technology. Performance partner marketing can now be leveraged for both your DTC and Amazon channels.

To get started, reach out to our team to discuss how we can launch your Amazon Affiliate Program.

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