Kitchenware Company Generates $2.1M in Affiliate Revenue
About The Client

A Large U.S. Kitchenware Brand

One of the largest kitchenware brands in the U.S. creating functional and stylish kitchen appliances and accessories.


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Case Study Features

The Highlights From This Case Study

Increasing Sales

The Challenge

In 2018, the kitchenware brand had launched an affiliate program that failed to gain traction and yield results. The decided to seek outside program management to establish a revenue generating affiliate marketing channel for the brand. After speaking with the Versa services team, a plan to relaunch and grow the program was created.

Focus Areas

The Solution

Initiative 1: Product endorsements through top influencers 

A primary focus was developing partnerships with the influential personalities who were reaching the brand’s target audience. Influencers were identified and engaged through regular campaigns that were tied to the brand’s consumer promotions.

Initiative 2: Editorial inclusion through home & cooking publications 

Large publications focused on home goods and cooking were an important piece of the affiliate partnership mix. Editorial teams were contacted for the non-paid placement of the brands products in relevant content focused articles and product “round up” pieces.

Versa's Targeted Approach

The Results

By identifying and activating two high performing publisher segments, Versa was able to generate over $2M in affiliate channel revenue during the first year of management. the number of active affiliates increased from a couple dozen when management began to go over 200 during the first year.

Even more importantly, the affiliate relationships developed, created a partnership base that could be leveraged going forward.