Health & Wellness Company Achieves Top 100 Listing
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An Established Wellness Company

An established wellness company providing convenient, affordable and confidential lab test services. No more required doctors visits or insurance to get a medical test. A blood test can be ordered online and a quick stop into one of the hundreds of test locations nationwide.

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Increase in Affiliate Engagement
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The Highlights From This Case Study

Increasing Sales

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to incrementally increase sales in an existing affiliate program that had stagnated after 3 years. The wellness company attempted to unsuccessfully grow the program through management with 2 previous affiliate marketing agencies. A low baseline of sales had been established but program growth was non-existent.

A decision was made to work with one last agency in hopes of increasing sales before the program would be retired. Versa was selected to manage the program and given a 6-month window to increase sales.

Focus Areas

The Solution

After reviewing the program Versa identified the following focus areas for the program:

  • Offer short-term, increased affiliate commissions to increase program engagement and activity.
  • Identify, segment and recruit niche affiliates. Align the medical
    tests offered by the wellness company to affiliates reaching
    those relevant audiences (i.e. Celiac tests align with affiliates
    talking about Gluten-Free topics).
  • Generate read-made content for affiliates to leverage when
    marketing the wellness company.
Versa's Targeted Approach

The Results

Versa's targeted approach to affiliate outreach and recruitment yielded increased affiliate engagement, enrolments, and activity. Offering short-term increase commission spurred click and sales activity amongst the affiliates and when the commissions were normalized the program did not experience a drop in sales.

The generation of "ready to post" content decreased the workload for affiliate partners and the timeframe in which they were able to start marketing. The ultimate result was that Versa was able to extend the partnership with the client indefinitely, generate $1M in annual revenue through the program and break into the ShareaSale top 100 list.