Zeonetix is working to partner with vision protection sites through affiliate marketing services with Versa Marketing. Zeonetix makes a line of natural supplements that are meant to boost and support an increased quality of life. They use scientific research from universities and institutes as well as ingredients from reliable sources to create their four formulas. The four formulas target different areas of health and can help tremendously with various conditions. Together, the four formulas make up the Zeonetix Total Wellness System. The Vision Protection formula specifically helps sharpen vision, eliminate floaters and halos, improve night vision, dissolve cataracts and combat macular degeneration. This formula is often used by pilots, truckers, law enforcement officers, hunters, and many more professionals who heavily rely on their vision. Vision Protection is made up of a mix of ocular enhancers, herbs, vitamins and minerals in one powerful daily formula manufactured entirely in the US. Time tries to take the sparkle in your eye away, but it can be restored and preserved with the Zeonetix Vision Formula. The Vision Protection formula combined with the three other Zeonetix formulas makes up the Total Wellness System. Change the way you age at every age and enjoy more brain power, better vision, healthy heart and arteries, and a boost to your immune system with the Total Wellness System. Zeonetix offers 20% commission to affiliate partners with a 30 day cookie in ShareASale. Available assets include banners and landing pages for targeted audiences for affiliate use. Health, wellness, vitamin, and supplement related sites are encouraged to join. To learn more about the affiliate marketing services that Versa offers, please visit our site.