Zeonetix is working with affiliate management companies Versa Marketing Inc and ShareASale to grow their program. The vitamins were created using scientific research and quality ingredients to formulate a broad approach to overall health. In addition to overall health, each of the four formulas provides support for various conditions. The Mind and Memory formula helps improve brain and memory function, mood, clarity and focus; protecting against mental decline, depression, anxiety and dementia. Damage to cells in the brain can inhibit brain cells communication. This breakdown in communication can inhibit thinking, behavior and feelings. It is vital to maintain healthy communication in the brain. The three other formulas, when combined with Mind and Memory, make up the Total Wellness System from Zeonetix. This comprehensive system contains hundreds of vitamins, minerals and herbs to boost your health and enable a longer, healthier life. Affiliate partners in the Zeonetix supplements program in ShareASale are earning 20% commission and have a 30 day cookie. Targeted banner ads and landing pages have also been created for affiliate use. All health, wellness, nutrition, vitamin, and supplement related sites are encouraged to join. Visit the Versa Marketing site for more information on the services that affiliate management companies offer.