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With affiliate marketing companies, don’t you lose control of your brand messaging?

May 6, 2016

We hear this a lot, but the opposite couldn’t be more true! A good affiliate marketing partner not only preserves your brand identity and image, but strengthens it and promotes further and wider than it could have ever reached on its own!

Top affiliate marketing companies do this by: 

Maintaining the creative control by producing media: Any halfway decent affiliate management agency is going to provide their affiliates with basic banner ads but a truly great one provides them with an entire playbook. This includes images, banner ads, pitch-decks, and FAQ’s so that they get educated directly from the source about what yourbrand stands for and how to represent it. It all but puts the words in their mouths and allows you to achieve surprising consistency across the vast network.

Building relationships to enforce editorial control: According to research by the psychologist Daniel Kahneman, people are more convincing about their arguments when they can tell a good story around it! The best thing your affiliâtes management company can do is thus know how to tell a great story and be connected with affiliates who do as well! This gives your agency a great amount of editorial control over your message because by knowing how to communicate the story of your brand to their affiliates they can guarantee that it stays the same.

Translating your brand’s message to foreign audiences: While you want your brand message to remain constant, you want the delivery to vary. It will have more traction if it gets explained to audiences in their own words by people like them. Those affiliates wrap your consistent marketing message in a “here’s why it matters to you” explanation to their audience via blogs, comments, video, and more. This allows you to appeal to construction workers, freelancing mothers, and business travelers all at the same time. And when they translate your message into their native tongue like Portuguese, Russian, or Chinese, your message penetrates even more niche markets that you could never have reached on your own.

So what’s the moral of the story? Your brand and image are rock solid under the guidance of a quality affiliate marketing company,outsourced affiliate program management with the deep relationships and wherewithal to maintain media and editorial control. The result, of course, is revenue that you can trust to not water down your brand message!

Want to know more about getting your brand message out there? Versa Marketing is among the top rated affiliate management companies and they can help.

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