Tired of managing your entire affiliate marketing program?

If you’re struggling to keep up with all of the components, or just haven’t achieved the results you want, it might be time to outsource. However, before you rush out and sign up with just any old affiliate management agency (we promise you, there are thousands), make sure you’re finding a top affiliate marketing company, for they’re not all the same! If you get stuck with a mediocre company, things can get bad, fast. They’re simply going to list your products on a big open database for anyone to promote, and guess what? There goes your brand-message as it gets shuffled through tens of thousands of hands and consumers recoil at the images that finally reach them. It can take you months to undo the damage. Top affiliate marketing companies,outsourced affiliate program management on the other hand have already invested years cultivating the right relationships with reliable and competent sales partners. These affiliates are people who have proven successful at marketing your products just the same way you do, and driving real results!

In short, top agencies offer value that others just can’t! Here are 3 services must-haves in an affiliate management partner.

1.       They vet affiliates

Aim for quality over quantity. You don’t want a company that accepts any and all applications to become an affiliate. You want the best, and the ones that best fit with your brand.

2. They monitor their affiliates

When you associate with affiliates, you want to make sure they’re treating your brand like their own. Top affiliate marketing companies monitor their affiliates to check for things like paid search violations and questionable sales and leads.

3. They provide useful reports

If you don’t know who’s doing what, you won’t know where to double-down on your efforts. Look for a company that offers detailed reporting so you are always kept in the loop when it comes to your affiliate’s performance. Affiliate marketing can be a magical sales boost, so long as it’s done right, by the right people.

Top affiliate marketing companies will have your best interest in mind and provide the services you need to run a successful affiliate program.

Versa Marketing is proud to be ranked among the top affiliate marketing agencies ,affiliate management agency in the nation, and we’ve built our business around our reputation for quality. So what do you say?

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