Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partners Logo - Commission JunctionVersa Marketing Inc. partners with Commission Junction Affiliate Network for many affiliate programs. As an agency, VMI doesn't own and operate an affiliate network. Instead, we partner with affiliate marketing companies that operate affiliate networks and we manage programs within those networks. CJ is recognized globally as one of the best networks (and considered the premier network by many in the US). When launching an affiliate program in a network, VMI, looks at several factors to determine if that network is the right fit for our client. CJ is a good fit for our traditional online retail clients. When we have an established brand or website that wants a cost per sale program, then CJ can Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - CJ Screenshotmake a lot of sense. CJ has one of the largest networks of affiliates, which means that we can quickly recruit publishers to your program. Commission Junction's tracking and reporting tools are also trusted and robust. CJ also has a good communication platform on which to engage affiliate partners. This polished affiliate network comes at a slightly higher cost to use. If you are considering launching an affiliate program in Commission Junction, then contact Versa Marketing Inc. first to find out if you are eligible for a discount. VMI's affiliate managers have over a decade of experience managing affiliate programs in CJ and can optimize a program for continued growth.