Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - LinkShareThe LinkShare Affiliate Network is one of the big traditional networks in the US and around the world. Versa Marketing Inc. manages cost per sale programs in LinkShare's Exchange Platform. We'll also work with LinkShare's Lead Advantage team for some Lead Gen programs. As an affiliate agency, sometimes termed outsourced affiliate program management (OPM), VMI works with many different affiliate networks. VMI always launches affiliate programs on a clients behalf, ensuring that they retain ownership of their affiliate program. Whether we launch a program or take over management of a program, our client always retains ownership of that program. Versa Marketing Affiliate Program Management Partner - LinkShare ScreenshotLinkShare has a large base of affiliates in their network that we recruit to join the programs we manage. With this large base, many different types of programs can do well in LinkShare. The Versa Marketing team works to engage these partners and explain the lucrative benefits of promoting our clients products and services. LinkShare has been online since 1996, making it one of the older and established affiliate networks. If your company is interested in having Versa Marketing Inc. manage your affiliate program in LinkShare, then please contact our client services team.