Seeking to increase its profile within the outdoor gear industry, Jetflow has hired Boulder, Colorado based Versa Marketing Inc, to handle its blogger outreach campaign. Jetflow is a hydration system designed to replace the plastic bladder and problems associated with cleaning old bladders. Jetflow introduces almost any water bottle attached to a manifold. Two hoses connect to the manifold. One delivers liquid to the Bite Valve and the other releases vacuum pressure through the Jet Valve resulting in a jet of water. You can then wash and reuse a bottle or replace with a different recyclable plastic bottle.
In addition to the ability to easily replace water bottles attached to the hose unit manifold, there is a second air intake that creates the flow in the Jetflow. Air intake translates to a constant improved flow of water and eliminates vacuum pressure.Advantages over a bladder include no plastic taste and easier maintenance by recycling bottles or washing a bottle instead of a moldy bladder! The valve system works with any standard bottle and adapts for wide mouth bottles. Versa Marketing is conducting outreach to outdoor bloggers interested in doing a product review. Qualified bloggers should contact Versa Marketing.