Two team members from Versa Marketing will be attending a Meetup event tonight at the Gordon Biersch Brewery in Louisville, CO.  This marketing Meetup was coordinated by the Front Range Blogger group and the Boulder Wordpress group.  The agenda will be fairly casual allowing for plenty of time to mix and mingle.  Versa Marketing regularly attends these networking events to keep their pulse on new activities, trends and ideas in the online marketing world. Affiliate Marketing Blogger Meetup Affiliate Management Wordpress Meetup During this Meetup it will be interesting to find out how bloggers are utilizing the latest in Wordpress functionality to increase the appeal and capabilities of their websites.  Through the management of various affiliate programs, Versa Marketing has seen an increase in the number of affiliates creating Wordpress blogging websites.  Wordpress' ease of use is allowing the casual blogger to create an affiliate website quickly and start generating revenue.  This surge of blogger sites have led to an abundance of affiliate recruiting opportunities for management agencies and advertisers. Bloggers are a key component to every affiliate program and can be leveraged to drive extremely valuable traffic for an advertiser.  Blogger websites are generally content-rich and rank extremely well in Google for broad searched terms.  An example of a broad search term would be "Skin Care Cream" as opposed to "L’Oreal Skin Care Cream".  Broad search traffic is highly valuable to merchants because it indicates that a customer has not yet made a decision to buy from a particular advertiser.  The ultimate goal for an advertiser is to showcase their brand to the consumer during their search process.  Since the affiliate bloggers are capturing this traffic it's important that the advertisers has an article, product review, display ad, etc. on the blogger's website.  This is where Versa Marketing comes in.  As part of our affiliate program management service we identify bloggers who are capturing traffic related to the products and services that an advertiser sells.  We then go to work on obtaining placements for the affiliate programs that we manage.  If leveraged correctly bloggers can be a powerful group of publishers for any affiliate marketing program.