The Network, Commission Junction, is where The Neat Company manages their affiliate program. Affiliates can easily find the tools they need to help promote Neat scanners. Father’s Day provides a great opportunity for affiliates marketing Neat scanners because they make great gifts. What makes Neat so great for Dads? Neat scanners help keep home and office paperwork organized, creating more time to spend doing what they love. This extra time can be especially appreciated during tax time. Neat is also great for hobbies; sheet music, wine labels, cigar rings, stats sheets and more can be scanned for easy organization. Not only do Neat scanners organize information, but it also protects them. Physical copies can get lost or damaged. If it’s important, it belongs in Neat. Neat scanners work by extracting key information from the documents you send through. This information is then easy to use and at your fingertips; export it to other programs, instantly generate expense reports, and more. Neat offers affiliate partners 8% commission, a 45 day referral period and affiliate promotions. All affiliates are encouraged to join the Neat Company affiliate program. Affiliate partners can sign up directly through Commission Junction, as well as contact Versa Marketing Inc. for more information and assistance getting started.