The Neat Company scanners and software are especially helpful during tax season and with the help of the affiliate management companies your tax related site can join the program today. The Neat Company motto, “get to what matters” gets right to the heart of it. There is valuable, and often sensitive, information that needs to be digitalized, organized, stored, protected, and all of the above, Neat is a great solution because, like its’ motto, is adaptable to mean something different to each user. With three scanner options and online software, anyone from a home office to an accountant at a SMB will find Neat useful and helpful. There is so much more to Neat than just cutting down on paper. Neat makes life easier and makes unpleasant tasks faster so that you have more time to do the things you want. Tax time is stressful enough, without having to sort through a cluttered, unorganized pile of invoices and receipts that take enormous amounts of time sifting through to gather the valuable information. Preparing and organizing ahead of time can help get taxes done early and make the process quicker and easier. Neat affiliate partners earn 8% commission in CJ with a 45 day and now exclusive coupon codes. All tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and organizing affiliates are encouraged to join the affiliate program. Affiliates can sign up directly through Commission Junction or contact Versa Marketing Inc directly. Here is more information about the services that affiliate management companies offer.