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SushiQuik prepares for a great 2015 with Affiliate Company Versa Marketing in ShareASale

January 21, 2015

SushiQuik, innovators of the world’s #1 sushi making kit, prepares for a great 2015 partnering with affiliate marketing agency, Versa Marketing. Making sushi is now fun and easy with the help of SushiQuik! The SushiQuik team had tested out just about every sushi making kit there was until finally deciding to make their own. They created an online community where people can come and learn just about everything there is to know about making sushi.
Looking for an easy sushi roll recipe or want to challenge yourself with something new? SushiQuik has it all! Subscribe to their free recipe e-book where they offer over 20 different recipes including a few vegan recipes along with special fried rolls because who doesn’t love fried food? Their how-to videos include step by step instructions on how to use their starter kit as well as what the best way is to clean and store your kit. The parts are detachable so you can put them in the dishwasher for an easy clean-up. SushiQuik is your go-to place for all of your sushi needs!
They offer one starter kit for $35 or order two complete kits for $55 and save $15! Keep one for yourself and gift the other to a food lover or someone who simply just loves new gadgets. SushiQuik makes for a great time in the kitchen with the whole family! So next time someone feels like sushi for dinner, look no further, SushiQuik is here. From the training frame which helps to properly measure the amount of rice that needs to be rolled to the flexible roll cutter that helps guide the knife, their starter kit comes with everything you need to make the perfect sushi roll.
The SushiQuik affiliate program offers great financial benefits including a 15% commission with a 60 day cookie. All foodie and gift related affiliates as well as anyone who enjoys trying out new innovative kitchen gadgets are encouraged to join the SushiQuik affiliate program in ShareASale today! Contact affiliate marketing company, Versa Marketing for more information.

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