Looking for subscription box companies with affiliate marketing programs? Check out Bespoke Post. Affiliate Marketing for Bespoke Post is managed in Impact Radius. Bespoke Post is a high end monthly subscription box geared towards men’s lifestyle, although some of their selections are gender-neutral. The Bespoke Post team scours the world for time-tested, small-batch, or otherwise remarkable gear. Although a little more pricey than most, these subscription boxes are completely worth it! Each box is built around a specific story or theme. The most recent box that we have received, which happens to be gender-neutral, is The Slate. A batch of small delicacies served on a rugged-meets-refined slate board. The Slate Contents: Natural Slate Serving Board: This piece alone is worth it! A hand-cut, rough-edged slate slab. It has its own slight surface imperfections, adding to the tough vibe and making every board unique. A piece of soapstone chalk is included for when you want to bring out your creative side and write down what foods are what. Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Classic olive flavors form a mild yet complex base with refined flavor reminiscent of almonds, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. Pairs perfectly with a fresh baguette! Balsamic Vinegar: Barrel-aged reserve has the texture of honey and the complexity of a top shelf single malt. Tastes delicious on salad, meat, or fruit. Sopressata Salami: Garlic and red wine notes give it a robust flavor that is dangerously good. It’s delicious! Bourbon Brittle: A smoky and sweet take on peanut brittle made with booze from Buffalo Trace. Garlic Dill Mustard: Made the old school way, of quality local ingredients like organic olive oil, fresh dill, and lots of garlic. Bourbon Toothpicks: Why not? Each box is accompanied with a pamphlet informing you about the products as well as a few tips on how to get the most out of your box. If you simply were to buy this box without signing up, it would cost you $55. With a membership, it costs $45 and boy is it worth it! Every one of their boxes is valued at over $100. Shipping is always free and you are able to skip over boxes whenever you would like. As the holiday season is approaching, this is a great idea for a gift! Whether you need gifts for a relative, friend, or co-worker, the boxes they offer are perfect for any individual. What they include in their packages are of such high-quality, it is such a pleasant surprise every time we open a box. Bespoke Post affiliate partners earn 6% commission and $25 per subscription with a 45 day cookie. Related affiliates are encouraged to join the Bespoke Post affiliate program in Impact Radius. Affiliate partners can sign up directly through Impact Radius. Contact affiliate marketing companies, Versa and Impact Radius, for more information.