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Spring Camping With Gear from and Affiliate Management Companies

March 25, 2015 and Affiliate Management Companies have the spring camping gear essentials outdoor affiliates need. What better way to celebrate fresh beginnings, longer days, and sunshine than with a campfire, tent and maybe a few friends. It’s finally that time of year again where camping season is upon us! Put your favorite playlist in, hit the road, and find that perfect camp spot.
Spring camping affords mild temperatures, less people and less bugs. So start planning a trip and take advantage of all that spring has to offer. There are plenty of places to camp that aren’t snowed in anymore. But before you head out, make sure you have everything you need. One of the items of gear I like to bring along, especially for car camping, is a lantern. They help provide light for your campsite, tent and any late night excursions into the woods. This Black Diamond lantern is unique because it also can be used as a flashlight. With 75 lumens as a lantern and 50 lumens as a flashlight, you’ll have plenty of light for post sunset activities. The three modes (flashlight, lantern, or you can use both the lantern and flashlight at the same time) are controlled from one convenient switch, making this versatile lantern a great addition to your comping kit.
Once you have all the necessary gear, pick where you want to go, and you’re ready to head out. Now go find an adventure!
The affiliate program can be found in AvantLink or Commission Junction, where all the daily deals and specials are featured. offers affiliate partners 9% commission and a 120 day cookie. All outdoor, gear, travel, camping, and other related sites, are welcome to join the affiliate program in CJ or AvantLink. Affiliate partners can sign up directly through the networks. Here is more information about the services Versa Marketing and other affiliate management companies offer.

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