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Six Nutrition Runners, cyclist and endurance athletes alike are making the switch to Six Nutrition Mens supplement. Six Nutrition is built to support the 6 key areas of active men’s health, the ingredients in SIX have been shown to help the: Heart, Muscle, Mind, Joint, Sex, and Energy, systems in the body. Six uses high quality sourcing for all essential elements that go into their products and are gaining endorsements from trainers and endurance athletes. Jameson King, TRIATHLETE- “ I can pinpoint specific improvements in my training that are due to SIX Nutrition. Including: Increased energy, better performance, faster recovery after workout and attentiveness.” Tyler McCandless, Pro Marathon Runner- I did the entire Dallas White Rock Marathon as a long hard progression run. I did the marathon in 2:24 with a 1:13 first half and a 1:11 second half. It was in 42F weather, pouring rain, and strong winds…as well as in the middle of a 95 mile week. 95 isn’t close to my highest mileage, but shows the lack of a taper. I felt great and executed the run perfectly. I actually finished 3rd place in a competitive field that included 7 East Africans. I took the pack of SIX in the morning at breakfast when I woke up at 5am before the 8am race. I am definitely impressed by the product.” Ultra endurance, Iron Man and tri-athletes will benefit greatly by assimilating Six Nutrition into their supplement regiment. If you feed your body the nutrients it needs, your body can do more.
  1. Heart: contains COENZYME Q-10,L-ARGININE, FOLIC ACID and Vitamin D.
  2. Joint: contains GLUCOSAMINE, ASTAXANTHIN, OLIVE OIL and Vitamin E.
  3. Muscle: contains GLUTAMINE
  4. Sex: contains SAW PALMETTO, Pumpkin Seed and Pygeum Africanum Bark.
  5. Mind: contains Electrolytes and B-vitamins
  6. Energy: contains Guarana Seed Extract and Grape Seed Extract
Six, as a company, is exclusively focused on men’s health and leads the way with their signature product, Six for Men. Six is interested in finding affiliate partners to expand the reach of the brand to new audiences of men. Please contact Versa Marketing or visit ShareaSale to join this affiliate program.