RAREFORM, who specialize in creating unique surf board bags, stand-up paddle bags, and more, has announced their partnership with affiliate marketing companies, AvantLink and Versa Marketing. Their products are all upcycled from billboards and with principles like quality, sustainability and style RAREFORM is able to create unique, eco-friendly products for the outdoor industry. Are you ready to have something no one else has? From duffle bags and backpacks to wallets and computer cases, RAREFORM products are 100% unique and manufactured locally in California. No two products are the same. You could call the RAREFORM team professional up cyclers. They specialize in the process of taking used materials and creating a product of higher quality than the original. They’ve recently come out with Ipad cases and totes that can fit almost anything. For you landlocked states that don’t have surfing easily accessible don’t you worry, they are introducing their snowboard bag line in the next couple of weeks! How do they do all this you may ask? They take old billboards and turn them into totally unique products, tailor-made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. The process starts when they intercept billboards before they reach the landfill. Each billboard is made of heavy duty, water-proof, and mildew proof vinyl, the perfect combination of materials for their bags. Once the billboards are cut and cleaned, their sewing team stitches the pieces into finished bags, each of which is unique. If you’re not already hooked, there’s more…they pledge 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. This is a company that does more than profit from a product; they make a positive impact in the world. RAREFORM offers affiliate partners 10% commission with a 90 day cookie. All outdoor, eco-friendly, and upcycle related sites are encouraged to join the RAREFORM affiliate program in AvantLink. Affiliate partners can sign up directly through AvantLink today! Contact affiliate marketing companies, Versa and AvantLink, for more information.