Promoting your company doesn’t have to be expensive and can easily be accomplished with something as simple as stickers or a little more involved with an Affiliate Marketing Company. Overnight Stickers combines the two by using Versa to manage their affiliate program for the promotional sticker’s service that they provide. Stickers are a fun, effective way to get your name out there. Overnight Stickers, Affiliate Marketing CompanyA good sticker will have an appealing design that incorporates your logo and company information. Ultimately, the purpose of stickers is to gain visibility to increase brand awareness and create the opportunity for recognition. Because stickers are so customizable, they’re universally versatile; you can use them to promote just about any brand, business, product, service, etc. Do you have a sticker for your favorite band? What about your favorite brewery, outdoor gear company or computer? Putting stickers in the hands of your audience is also important. Simply giving them away at events and local shops is a great way to get your stickers out there, but try to also think of clever ways to sprinkle stickers in as an added bonus freebie. Overnight Stickers makes creating and getting promotional stickers quick and easy. There are no extra charges and design services are free! What you get is quality stickers and all-star service. Based in Colorado and staffed with 18 sticker experts, Overnight Stickers guarantees that you’ll love your experience and your stickers. Still not sure? Try a sample. Do your clients or readers ask you where to get stickers? Or would they benefit from your recommendation? Join the Overnight Stickers affiliate program and get 20% commission per sale. Versa Marketing Inc., a Boulder based affiliate marketing company, oversees the program in the ShareASale network.