I met with a group of pet bloggers new to affiliate marketing to discuss that big question of how to monetize a blog. The conversation starts out as you would imagine, "I've been writing on my blog off and on for over a year now and discovered that I've actually got people coming to my blog and reading it!" Awesome! "Can I start running ads on my blog to make some money?" Yes! Read on.. This goes for really any category that you are writing about, but we just happen to be talking about pet affiliate programs. You want to look for a company that has an affiliate program listed on their site that is listed with one of the major US networks. A good example is Only Natural Pet because this company has a program in both Commission Junction, Linkshare and ShareaSale. If you are looking for an AvantLink program, check out EzyDog. Pet affiliate programs make sense in a lot of ways for pet blogs because the content of the blog and the content of the advertiser is so closely related, the click through rate and then the conversion rate to sales will be that much higher. The Only Natural Pet program has large selection of products. Something like 4000 different skus. The commission rate is also very high. The base commission that affiliates earn on all sales is 8%. There are also higher commissions, up to 14%, for partners that are getting more sales. The Commission Junction program also has a 10% + commission on the Only Natural Pet Brand of products - the 300 items that carry the stores name on the packaging. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]affiliate company only natural pet affiliate program[/caption] You need to look for a company that is going to have a good conversion rate on the traffic you are sending. You only get paid when a sale takes place, so it's important that the website you are sending traffic to can close the sale and that it will have a good average order value. The higher the order value, the higher the commission payout. A rough equation that can capture this is EPC or earnings-per-100-clicks. The OnlyNaturalPet affiliate program currently has an EPC over $17, making it a good pet affiliate program. Copying a banner or a text link containing the tracking link provided by the affiliate network and placing on a side bar is a popular way to increase revenue for your blog and is the first step to turning your blog into a full fledged big bucks affiliate marketing company. To continue reading about Commission Junction affiliate programs, see this blog post on Commission Junction affiliate marketing.