The Nite Ize affiliate program is managed in the Commission Junction and AvantLink networks. Nite Ize is known for their flashlights but they also manufacture a wide range of innovative products serving a variety of customers. Some of these products include LED runner safety, bicycle lights, iPhone cases, camping accessories and LED pet accessories. One of their more popular dog accessories is their Flashflight Dog Discuit. Designed for superior flight, the Discuit is a soft-touch plastic flying disc that is especially fun for nighttime play with your disc-loving dog. It's illuminated by an efficient, long-lasting LED, so it glows brightly in the dark. The Dog Discuit is not only super fun, it's mouth friendly, bite durable, and has a canine-resistant cap that helps prevent dogs from chewing off the battery and LED housing. Warm summer nights were made for you, your dog, and the Nite Ize Flashflight Dog Discuit. (And so were cool fall evenings, brisk winter dawns, and foggy spring afternoons, for that matter.) You can find the Nite Ize affiliate program in Commission Junction and AvantLink. Affiliate partners receive 12% commission, on a 90 day referral period and affiliate-exclusive coupon codes. The Datafeed can be accessed in Commission Junction or AvantLink. All affiliates are encouraged to join the Nite Ize program. Affiliate Program Management provided by Versa Marketing.