The BugLit, from Nite Ize, is a functional and fun product that affiliates can easily incorporate into their program. Don’t be fooled by the design, it’s an INOVA Microlight with flexible legs that comes in handy in a variety of different situations. The BugLit is a powerful micro flashlight encased in a durable body, that has four settings (high power, low power, strobe, and signal). This bright white LED has an effective range of up to 50 feet, and one-mile visibility. The legs are two moldable Nite Ize Gear Ties, which can be bent, wrapped, or twisted in many configurations, to sit, stand, store, or shine the flashlight. Wrap the legs around the body for compact storage and transport. Finally, its lightweight plastic S-Biner clip allows you to attach, hang, or store the BugLit for convenient access on zippers or keys. Nite Ize is known for their flashlights but they also manufacture a wide range of innovative products serving all sorts of customers. Some of these products include LED runner safety, bicycle lights, iPhone cases, camping accessories and pet accessories. Nite Ize manages their affiliate program in Commission Junction and AvantLink through Versa Marketing Inc. Nite Ize offers affiliate partners 12% commission, a 90 day referral and exclusive coupon codes. The Datafeed can be accessed in Commission Junction or AvantLink. Affiliates are invited to join the Nite Ize program.