Otero Menswear is working with affiliate program management company Versa Marketing and ShareASale to find Men’s fashion and Men’s Lifestyle sites to partner with. Otero Menswear seeks to make a positive difference in the world by offering apparel that fits the height, size and body type of men 5’4" – 5’9". The clothing is fashion forward and professional. Each piece is designed using texture, cut, styling and findings that empowers the wearer’s specific body type through visibly leaning and lengthening techniques. Otero specializes in providing their customers with the best fitting T-Shirts and Polos on the market. They utilize a 3-D Proportional Sizing methodology to create garments that fit proportionate to your body type and will feel perfectly tailored. Not only will their shirts fit well, but they also come in a variety of colors and designs. Pair an Otero shirt with your favorite pair of jeans or chinos, and you’ve just styled the perfect spring outfit. Otero knows that no outfit is complete without its fair share of accessories. That is why they offer all sorts of accessories from backpacks and wallets to bracelets and belts. Their commitment to natural, durable, renewable materials also extends to their accessories line, which is made from handcrafted full grain leather that will stand up to years of hard wear, but which will also biodegrade over time. They feature natural stone and metal in their bracelets; it won’t break down, but it will last forever, as long as it’s well cared-for. We have designed our affiliate program to handsomely reward resourceful entrepreneurs and creative marketers who help new customers discover how Otero Menswear has completely reinvented the concept of clothing sizes. This program offers their affiliates great benefits, including a 10% Commission/Sale , 30-Day Cookie, regularly updated creatives, and an opportunity to work with a company revolutionizing the way men up to 5’9” dress! We look forward to creating new partnerships with men’s fashion and men’s lifestyle Affiliates and look forward to working together! Join the Otero Affiliate Program in ShareASale today. For more information on Versa’s management services, click here: affiliate program management.