Versa Marketing welcomes SIX Nutrition! Versa Marketing Inc. is proud to bring SIX Nutrition ( on board to manage their affiliate program through the ShareaSale affiliate network and through a direct affiliate program. Six Nutrition Affiliate Program Unfamiliar with Six Nutrition? Here’s a little background on our new client. SIX provides complete nutrition and focused benefits for the six key areas of Men's health; heart, joints, sex, muscles, mind and energy. The SIX for Men daily vitamin pack includes a supplement for each one of these key areas crucial to maintaining optimal health. Individual supplements are also available for key areas including joints. 35% Commission The affiliate program is now live with a 35% commission on all sales with a 60 day tracking cookie. Affiliate publishers should look for the program in ShareaSale or contact Versa Marketing for details on signing up direct. Simple Nutrition Part of the company’s founding initiative is to prove to men that nutrition can be simple. Through supplementation that properly feeds your body, you can feel better, look younger, play harder, rest better, and DO MORE. For men, the heart powers desire, well oiled joints keep the machine moving, sex is vital, muscles shape all action, the mind has to be focused with energy setting the pace. What types of affiliates are we looking for this program? Affiliate publishers with content sites related to vitamins, men's health and fitness are encouraged to apply to the program and a Versa affiliate manager will assist in providing any needed resources.