The Neat Company, makers of document scanners and cloud organization services, uses Commission Junction as their affiliate program management network. The Neat Company helps individuals, families, and businesses organize smarter, saving hours of time each month. As parents and schools gear up for Back To School, it’s a good time to start thinking about getting organized. Parents with kids leaving for school may find extra time on their hands. Is there a stack of paper waiting for some undivided attention? With Neat scanners, extracting and digitally filing the information from important documents, as well as preserving memories is quick and easy, leaving more time for enjoyable activities. Schools and small businesses will certainly see a jump in business. Plan ahead and be ready for the rush. Clear paper clutter and prevent it from happening with the help of a Neat scanner. Neat scanners work by extracting key information from the documents. Once scanned, this information is readily available and easy to use. Neat currently offers a Free 30 day trial of the NeatCloud digital filing system with purchase of any scanner. NeatCloud is a monthly subscription service designed to help make the most of the Neat Digital Filing System. The NeatCloud service provides a secure server that stores files, instead of having them stored only on a computer. When files are in the cloud, it also means that they can be accessed from anywhere – over the internet, with a mobile device, or on multiple computers. Cloud files are always synced and up to date, which means access to the most recent versions of documents. So with NeatCloud, information is securely backed up, accessible from anywhere, and always synced between devices and computers. No more lost or outdated files. Neat offers affiliate partners 8% commission, a 45 day referral period and special affiliate offers. All business, travel, back to school, and organizing affiliates are encouraged to join the Neat Company affiliate program in CJ. Affiliate partners can sign up directly through Commission Junction, as well as contact Versa Marketing Inc. for more information and assistance getting started. Affiliate Program Management provided by a dedicated account manager at Versa Marketing Inc.