The Neat Company and their affiliate management services are a valuable asset to the notoriously paper laden real estate profession. Contracts, listing sheets, financial documents and all of the other paperwork that is associated with real estate inevitably find a place a place to pile up, creating clutter and disorganization. These piles can easily be managed in Neat. Let Neat handle these piles and you’ll get more done in less time! Digitizes Documents The real estate industry as a whole is moving towards digitizing documents where it’s possible, but there are still plenty of physical files that could be archived, and are still necessary to conduct business. With Neat, you can easily scan entire folders of files and then be able to archive and protect those documents in one organized place. You’ll also be able to share those digital files to help you close the deal. Organizes Contacts In addition to organizing all your documents, Neat is able to collect your contacts and store them in one database. To add contacts is as simple as scanning a business card or forwarding an email. You’ll never waste time looking for the right name or number again. Saves Time and Money Digitizing your workflow helps you to be more efficient. Find files quicker, send documents with ease, and eliminate the task of physically filing documents and folders. You can even keep track of your tax deductions, making tax time much easier. Partners of the Neat affiliate earn 8% commission in the Commission Junction network with a 45 day cookie. Neat has also recently started offering exclusive coupon codes for affiliate partners. All real estate, tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and organizing affiliates are encouraged to join the affiliate program for The Neat Company. New affiliates can sign up directly through CJ or contact Versa Marketing Inc directly. To learn more information, please visit the Versa Marketing affiliate management services page.