This article originally was slated for 900 words taking a deeper look at Facebook's rollout of Offers and Promoted Posts. However, this morning, something funny happened on the way to Facebook....I ended up at Myspace of all places. Upon realizing my mistake I instinctively gravitated to the back button. Call it nostalgia or bottled up interest in my good friend Tom, I decided to give the old neighborhood a looksey. Gaining access to my old account took walking the chronological road of old passwords. Once I gained access to my profile, it was all very surreal, like stepping through a door into 2007. Throughout the experience I unconsciously held my breath, as if I were crawling over broken glass through a strife ridden bombed-out neighborhood, worried that looters might hone in on my position. With The New Myspace, if you’re attempting to determine paternity, you gonna have to pull Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Windows 8 up on the Maury stage. Each of the major platforms are represented through varying degrees of influence. A floating time-line, photos and videos dominate the majority of screen space, but Myspace has a secret weapon. Way back in 2007 Myspace diverted from a tried and true path of successful social networks and placed an emphasis on music (which eventually played a signifigant role in it's downfall). But in 2012 the public may be ready for something new, a platform that allows a seamless integration of music and friends all on one channel. For the meantime, information on the new Myspace is hard to come by, limited mostly to the Justin Timberlake promotional video released last week. With a December launch date closing in fast, I anticipate information will become readily available. The question remains, will users care or is it too late for the Myspace giant? I for one, (much like the American public) perpetually root for the underdog, and this time is no different. Go Myspace!