Lately there has been a big trend in beards!  It is not just a fad for the coffee brewing hipster at your local café you stop into to grab your cup of joe every morning.  Beards are no longer just for the beefy lumberjack, Santa Claus, or Gandalf!  They are making their way onto the faces of uber famous celebrities, politicians, and even those once super clean-cut, jocks!  These beards are not like the beards I grew up with that were a catch all for the crumbs and shrapnel from lunch that you could save for dinner, only worn by hippies and hobos!  They are manicured, shaped, and well kept!  These beards are looking good and like any other part of your body, especially your hair, there are products to keep them fly!  So how do you choose the right product?  Well like any product you use on your body you want good ingredients!  That is where Lovely Beards is doing it differently. Lovely Beards offers a line of quality products for beards. Their products are 100% organic and made right here in the U.S using ingredients you can actually pronounce!  Lovely Beards is the perfect ally for your beard’s long-term health.  Their line of beard oils and balms help fight off all the problems that can plague a beard.Bald patches, itchy skin, uneven trim lines, are just some of the issues that can arise when growing and sustaining a beard, but these are manageable if you know how to take care of your beard.  Fortunately, it's not a difficult process if you avail yourself of the right resources.Lovely Beards takes a different approach to men’s health offering products that are affordable without sacrificing quality.  A combination of the right facial cleanser, beard balm or oil, and with help from the Lovely Beards blog and monthly newsletter you can have the beard you always wanted whether you desire the ͞Hollywoodian͟ or the coveted ͞Classic Full Beard͟! They really do offer the best products for beards, no matter how you want to rock your beard!  Lovely Beards’ products help you create the perfect look for your personal preference.Managing a beard can be a pain, but these products make it easy and they have a great variety of scents so not only will your beard look great, but it will smell great too! They have a ShareASale affiliate program that offers an aggressive 12% commission!  They also offer regular promotions and affiliate bonuses.  Lovely Beards’ is more than happy to partner with influencers on product reviews and giveaways.They are also always looking for guest bloggers and cross promoting opportunities.  I think this trend will be around for a while and will continue to be a hot topic.  So, if you want to jump on board with this growing beard movement (no pun intended) then you’ll want to sign-up for Lovely Beards’ affiliate program today!