Leadwerx, a top internet lead generation and aggregation platform is seeking affiliates to join their Insurance Lead Gen Program in the Affiliate Tracking Network. Leadwerx differs from other lead generation programs in that it only captures leads that match your search criteria. The company specializes in providing quality leads to their clients. Versa Marketing is focusing on three different insurance channels: Life, Burial (Final Expense) and Medicare Supplemental (MediGap) Insurance. The process is simple: An insurance prospect visits a consumer facing landing page and requests quotes or a follow up by an insurance agent through a short form. Leadwerx offers $18.00 per lead for Life Insurance, $15.00 per lead for Medicare Supplemental Insurance, and $13.50 per lead for Burial Insurance. Leadwerx does not accept incentivized or co-registration leads. There is a 30-day referral period for affiliates to receive compensation. Versa marketing is looking for affiliates to join the program, managed through the leading affiliate tracking platform, Affiliate Tracking Network (ATN).