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Kusmi Tea Affiliate Program

June 8, 2017

One of my favorite past times is sitting on the front porch of my childhood home enjoying a cup of Earl Grey alongside my mother. We would share stories and reminisce the old days. It was the tea that brought us together to share those moments. Every time I sip a hot cup of tea to this day I recall those times and it brings a smile to my face.
There is something about Earl Grey that feels comforting and really tea in general. One of my personal favorites is Kusmi Tea. Kusmi Tea is luxury tea now based out of Paris. They have an exceptional range of teas that they have developed throughout their rich history of over 150 years. The family owned company was deeply rooted in Russia and so many of the flavors are inspired by old traditions. Kusmi Tea blends continue to stay true to these old traditions but are complimented with contemporary essence. Their Earl Grey Polish blend no. 18 is one of Kusmi’s very first teas. It is considered a tangier version of Earl Grey with lemon and lime added to the traditional bergamot flavor. The Kusmi Tea collection offers exclusive blends of the highest quality. They have a wide range of teas including Green Tea blends like Green Bouquet, green tea with Nana mint or Detox, black tea like Prince Vladimir, and they are known for their red teas or Roobios, as well as, their delicate herbal teas. They offer 70 varieties of whole-leaf teas. These teas arrive in style in beautifully decorated and reusable tins.
Kusmi Tea has taken many measures to expand their market and have created an affiliate channel in the US. They have an active program in the Rakuten LinkShare network and offer a competitive 10% commission on all sales. They provide exceptionally designed banners and regular promotions for affiliates to benefit. All the tools to create a successful campaign are located in the LinkShare program. To join this great LinkShare program and start promoting these fine teas today please sign up at,

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