Versa Marketing is seeking outdoor bloggers to take the Jetflow hydration system on their next adventure. If you are so over the moldy bladders and your water tasting like plastic, then listen up. Jetflow is a hydration system designed to replace the plastic bladder and the problems associated with cleaning and replacing old bladders. In addition to being easier to clean the Jetflow system weighs less than a bladder system. Most bladders weigh about 130 grams (empty) and the manifold weighs 50 to 55 grams. Instead of a "scummy" bag, Jetflow uses a manifold that attaches to the 3 standard size bottles. From used water bottles to your favorite Nalgene, all can be attached to the manifold. You can then wash and reuse a bottle or replace with a different recyclable plastic bottle. Another great feature of the Jetflow is the second air intake that creates the flow in the Jetflow. Air intake translates to a constant improved flow of water and eliminates vacuum pressure. The Jetflow comes in three different sizes; Raptor $69.00, Tomahawk $54.95 and WARTHOG $79. Leave us a comment in the section below if you would be like to be considered as a product reviewer for the Jetflow Hydration System.