Nite Ize recently announced their move to exclusively offer their affiliate marketing program in AvantLink, a company that provides a fresh take as an affiliate network. Grown from a bright idea into a company that offers products born from innovation, Nite Ize has something for everyone. Each product proves itself highly functional and durable while making life easier, safer and more fun. This holiday season; make sure to check out all the great products from Nite Ize. Their flashlights, phone cases and other small gadgets make great stocking stuffers. The EDC, prepper and survival audience align with Nite Ize flashlights, Doohickey and Utility Holsters. The phone cases are great because they are stylish, durable and enable you to attach the phone to holsters or clips. They make great gifts for those who are looking for a new case or one to replace the one they have that they don’t like. During the darker winter months, bikers are in need of bike lights for visibility and safety; check out the BikeLit, SaddleLite and TwistLit. The MicroLight and GearTies are also great gift ideas for handy gadgets that are incredibly handy. With such great options for small holiday gifts, this time of year presents a significant opportunity for affiliates to offer readers Gift Guides or gift ideas for different audiences. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on earnings this holiday season. Make sure you apply to the Nite Ize program in AvantLink or transfer your links from an old program. Nite Ize affiliate partners earn 12% commission with a 90 day cookie and have access to affiliate-exclusive coupon codes that are offered monthly. All prepper, EDC, outdoor, bike and gear related sites are encouraged to apply. Make your holiday gift guides or recommendations soon! Here is more information about Versa as an Affiliate Marketing Company.