Affiliates are often declined by the affiliate management companies overseeing a program because there simply isn’t enough information or communication. Good affiliates can be misunderstood and hard to spot in the mix of other applications. If this happens to you regularly, we’ve got a few tips to help you out! With some quick and easy changes, you may see a big difference in your approvals and improve your relationships with program managers in the process! The success of an affiliate program depends on all the parties involved, but it heavily relies on each individual affiliate. An affiliate program manager often reviews dozens of applications each day. For any given program, the manager is looking for specific qualifiers, and typically not letting every applicant in the program. These qualifiers are unique to an individual program and their goals. For example, a program may not be accepting coupon sites. If the focus of your site is to promote coupon codes, you will likely be declined from that program. In order to get your application seen and the vision for your plan heard, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being approved. First, if you have multiple sites, make sure to list them! Your main domain might not be relevant to all the programs you apply to, but your other sites could be perfect. If the person vetting the applications doesn’t see your additional relevant sites, you’re likely to get a decline. In some networks you can add additional sites to your account, other networks allow you to include a note when applying. Using our above example, maybe your main site is a coupon site but you also manage content and review sites that would fit with the program. With your application or after you apply, reach out to the affiliate program manager and let them know that you just applied and why you would be a good fit. Make sure to be clear and honest with any plans, and that your plans align with the program terms. There are often restrictions on search terms or domain names that you want to be aware of, especially if you’re creating a site specifically for one program. Be sure that your plan is allowed in that program. Lastly, don’t take a decline personally or as the final word. If you haven't already, take the time to reach out to the affiliate program manager and ask for clarification on the decision and request to be re-reviewed. Communication is an indicator that you are active and ready to work with a program. When reaching out be sure to convey your interest in the program and how you plan to promote it on your site. Affiliate program management is done in house or by an outside agency. When reviewing applications, the manager is generally looking for sites that relate to their program and that are actively updating. Any way you can help to make your application more related to a program certainly helps expedite the process for both the affiliate and the program. For more information on what affiliate management companies provide, please visit the Versa Marketing site.