The HumanCharger Affiliate Program is a multi-network program that gives publishers the option to choose the network of their choice for tracking. There are some different benefits available to both merchants and publishers in each of the networks that I’ll outline below, but first a quick recap on what HumanCharger is and what it does. HumanCharger is a bright light therapy device that was scientifically developed in 2007 by Finnish researchers looking for ways to combat the winter blues. When it is dark constantly during the winter, many people can develop a seasonal depression. Exposure to natural sunlight and special lamps can leave people feeling better and more energetic. The Valkee company in Finland worked with researchers to develop a portable device that mimics sunshine and delivers uv-free calibrated white light in a micro-dose through the ear canals. Through my ears? Yes, strange, right? By delivering light through the ear canals for 12 minutes, you can stimulates the photosensitive proteins on the surface of your brain, triggering Serotonin and Dopamine to be released. It turns out that it isn’t just Fins living near the arctic circle that can benefit from increased light exposure. Modern day life leaves most of us sitting inside at an office most days a week. We don’t get enough sunlight in our daily lives and this can lead effect both our energy levels and our mood. After wide adoption in nordic countries, HumanCharger became popular with people trying to hack their energy levels and with elite athletes looking for a natural edge. The device is now available through major retailers and direct from their website online. Versa team developed a multi-network affiliate program anchored on LinkConnector’s tracking platform and also available in CJ and ShareASale. First, LinkConnector provided a robust tracking setup for attribution across multiple affiliate networks so that duplicate commissions wouldn’t be an issue. The second benefit of LinkConnector, which ShareASale also provides, is coupon code tracking for affiliate tracking without a click. Because we work with many podcasters and influencers that are talking about HumanCharger, independent of a website, email or blog, we were generating traffic without the traditional click tracking model in place. It was important to attribute sales using a unique tracking code that influencers could share. We also new that there was a larger traditional set of content publishers in CJ that had a similar health and wellness audience, so layering in CJ made sense. CJ and LinkConnector both developed technology to track customers across multiple devices. We are sometimes seeing 20% of customers research from their mobile phone or tablet, but then move to their desktop to complete their purchase. While most affiliate network copmanies (CJ, LinkConnector, ShareASale) have larger overlap of affiliate publishers, it’s nice to give affiliates that option to cater to their network of choice when that’s possible. You can join the HumanCharger affiliate program in any of the mentioned networks to gain access to special affiliate commissions and consumer promotions. And meet the team and try a 12 minute session at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference this October in Pasadena.