Getting your affiliate program going can be a daunting task, but we’ll be sharing tips that seasoned affiliates and management agencies use to help you get started. ShareASale is one of the bigger affiliate networks and a great one to join as an affiliate. They have a colorful interface that’s easy to navigate and offers plenty of information from their dashboard. Before you can add affiliate links, you’ll need to have an account in ShareASale and be an affiliate of at least one program in their network. You’ll also need to have space or content available where you can add your affiliate links. Then you’re ready to pull links! Start by logging in to your account in ShareASale. In the top navigation bar, hover over Links and click the button for Get A Link/Banner. Here, you can either use the search fields to narrow down your Merchants or scroll through the list of your Merchant programs. I prefer to type a particular program into the Specific Merchant field and then hit Refresh Report, so that I’m just looking at one result. Whichever way you decide, click Get Links below the name of the program that you’re pulling links for. This will take you to a screen with tabs for Text Links, Banners and Deals/Coupons. Depending on the program, there might also be additional tabs. Make sure you’re on the tab for Text Links and browse the available inventory. Consider where you’ll be using this text link as you chose which link you want and when you’re ready, click Get HTML code. The first box you’ll see contains code that you want to copy and paste exactly; otherwise your link won’t work. This code contains your tracking link and will also display the text that is associated with that link. The second box contains the link with the shortest code available. You’ll want to use the shorter code when using your own text. Once you’ve inserted the code you’re using for your affiliate link, I recommend testing it to make sure the link works correctly by simply clicking on the link you have created. If your link redirects to the landing page of the program you pulled from, you should be good to go! Versa Marketing is recognized as one of the top online agencies for affiliate program management and blogger outreach. We have a team of dedicated managers with years of experience positioning brands for a successful affiliate program. We work with a wide range of clients and take special care of the affiliates in their programs. To find out about the services that affiliate management agencies offer, please visit our site and feel free to contact us.