One affiliate program we couldn’t be more excited about is in our own backyard! My Trail Company, out of Boulder, Colorado, brings you extraordinarily light, high performance backpacks, tents, jackets, and accessories to not just get you on the trail, but keep you out there.

My Trail Co. took years of industry and design experience to build a brand that focuses solely on technical apparel and equipment.  The two-in-one 50L pack, and the unique, 4-season Pyramid tents are their staples, while accessories like the Chrome Umbrella and Poncho UL Tarp add unique ultralight hiking footprint within the outdoor industry.

My favorite part of the My Trail affiliate program is they literally want their publishers to get outside and adventure! They’re always looking for qualified, content publishers and brand influencers to test their gear, and capture their experience through a product review or story.  Outdoor gear bloggers are encouraged to join the program. The My Trail team is a group of expert level outdoorsmen, who stick to their roots and truly stand behind each one of their products.

AvantLink ( is the trusted affiliate network for tracking, offering a competitive 5% commission on every item sold. The average order value is over $100, and they keep a consistent rotation of updated banner creative and sales items within the dashboard. These products are year-round, which provides publishers plenty of seasonal content and holiday promotional opportunities.