It’s important to get out and see the world, embrace different cultures, and learn new things along the way, all while making new friends. Geckos Adventures has created amazing trips for young adults, ages 18-29, that are affordable and inspiring.  Travelers can book a trip to over 80 world destinations. Travel affiliates can participate in the Geckos Affiliate Program found in the CJ network. For every booking, Geckos donates a portion to their social enterprise partner, Friends International.  This leading social enterprise saves lives and builds futures for marginalized kids and young people across the world by empowering them with skills that will set them up for employment.  Giving back to the regions they visit is an integral part of Geckos Adventures’ mission.  They instill the importance of reducing their carbon footprint while designing an unforgettable grassroots adventure. Experience local life, use local transportation & accommodations, with an occasional homestay, treehouse, or houseboat. Making life-long connections with a small group of like-minded and same aged travelers is encouraged and learning about the destination from a local group leader who lives in that region gets the visitor emersed in the cultre.  Leaders speak the language, are full of connections, and can share all the secret wonders of a destination. Geckos Adventures has made it easy and safe for young people to get out and explore, make new friends, and bring home a new look on life.   Being educated about different walks of life around the world on one of these uniquely designed trips is second to none. Geckos Adventures also has a great affiliate program in Commission Junction.   Professional travel publishers or recent travelers can share their experiences with friends and followers online after joining the program and start earning commissions. Commission Junction makes it easy to sign up as an affiliate and start advertising travel.  4% of total trip cost is paid out in commission to the affiliate marketing companies or travel bloggers promoting Geckos. The Versa affiliate management team is available to assist in any way possible!  If you are reading this and have passed the age cut-off there is still an opportunity to check out trips with Geckos Adventures sister company, Intrepid Travel.  Cheers and happy trails!