CrazyCap Water Purifiers ( selected one of the top affiliate marketing companies, Versa Marketing, to launch and manage their new affiliate program on the AvantLink network. This program is live and Affiliate Publisher applications are now being accepted. Get all the details on one of the best new affiliate marketing programs of 2020.

Who is CrazyCap

CrazyCap is a next generation water bottle. The cap of the bottle is fitted with an advanced UV LED that purifies questionable water and sterilizes your bottle in 60 seconds. Fill your water bottle with clear water and tap CrazyCap on. The integrated deep UV LED light destroys viruses, bacteria, pathogens and microorganisms. The rechargeable cap lasts for 7 days. Kick plastic bottles and ensure that your water is safe to drink around town, on the trail, or around the world. CrazyCap is compatible with a majority of cola-style bottle brands including MIRA, Simple Modern, S’Well, BonBon, and others. Keep your bottles free from mold and funk free. Crazy Cap Affiliate Marketing Client

The Crazy Cap Affiliate Program

This is one of the best affiliate programs for travel affiliates, outdoor product reviewers, and fitness publishers. Particularly, in the age of Covid, people are shopping for clean and UV LED can kill the Coronavirus. CrazyCap is one of the top items on gift guides for travelers. Program Details:
  • 10% Commission
  • 30 Day cookie window
  • Product reviews available

Why join The Crazy Cap Affiliate Program

  • One of the fastest growing water bottles of 2020
  • Great product for multiple audiences
  • Perfect gift item
  • Dedicated affiliate management team
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