Ceramcor is partnering with affiliate management companies, Versa and ShareaSale, to make your kitchen look like a designer kitchen. Ceramcor is most known for their Xtrema line of ceramic cookware, bakeware, and teaware but did you know they offer so much more? Cooks and inspiring cooks are all about stocking their kitchen with the best of everything. From high-end appliances to trendy accessories, you too can be a professional chef! Ceramcor offers an amazing line of wooden accessories perfect for all types of kitchens. Are you ready to move on from your old plastic and metal utensils that are slowly melting and rusting away? It’s time for an upgrade. Ceramcor’s wooden utensils and accessories are manufactured here in the U.S. and are made of solid natural cherry, birch, and walnut wood. They come in two finishes, a natural mineral oil and a hand-rubbed lustrous finish, made to match any décor. Ceramcor offers a wide variety of cutting boards, paper towels holders, and mug trees in addition to cooking and serving utensils. Their cutting boards can conveniently be used as serving trays and hot plates. One of their most popular lines is Jonathan’s Wild Cheer Spoons collection. These products are handcrafted from sustainably harvested cherry trees and are designed to serve a variety of needs both on the stove and at the dining room table. Care for your wooden kitchen accessories and they’ll last you a lifetime. To remove food and grime, simply use a scrubbing pad, soap and water. For best results, Ceramcor recommends not washing the wooden products in the dishwasher and occasionally using their wax to revive the wood. For storage and organization, Ceramcor’s line of wooden accessories includes a skillet and lid holder, a utensil holder, and coffee mug trees. If you’re looking for high-quality, durable wooden kitchen accessories, then you’re in the right place. Ceramcor’s affiliate program offers great financial benefits including a 12% commission and exclusive promotions. All food, kitchen, and cooking related sites are encouraged to join the program in ShareaSale today! To learn more about what services affiliate management companies offer, please visit Versa Marketing Inc.