Cermacor, makers of the Xtrema Ceramic product line, have announced their partnership with Versa Marketing in the affiliate network, ShareASale. Ceramcor’s Xtrema line of cookware, bakeware, and teaware sets itself apart from the others simply based on the composition of their products. All of their products are designed with your health in mind. Xtrema products are very safe providing you with the healthiest way to cook. These products contain no elements of toxic heavy metals and are made entirely of 100% inorganic ceramic materials from the Earth’s crust. They are lead, cadmium and toxic metal free. They are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans using an energy-intensive manufacturing process. You can cook with these products on and in just about every kitchen appliance including on gas, electric coil, and glasstop stoves. They also work with ovens, toaster ovens, steamers ovens, convection ovens, microwave ovens, the freezer, barbecue grill, and lastly, the dishwasher. One of the greatest benefits of the Xtrema product line is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures without the risk of melting or cracking. These products can withstand temperatures of 2,700F whereas metal cookware can melt at 2,200F. Ceramic cookware and bakeware can also stand up to sudden temperature changes. Take it right from your oven to the fridge or even right to the dishwasher when you’re done with it! Dishwasher you may ask? That’s correct. These products are dishwasher safe. You can easily clean them with your everyday sponges or brushes and nothing will hurt the tough surface. The 100% ceramic cooking surface can never be scratched! It also does not have any unsafe non-stick coating, which can scratch and flake off into your meal. Not only are these products very practical, but they reduce cooking time as well as use less energy. An added bonus, because of the far-infrared cooking properties found in their ceramic bakeware, your cakes and casseroles will cook from the inside and the outside at the same time for even heating. In regards to their current available products, their skillets and saucepans are a huge hit! From their bakeware collection, they have a pizza/grill pan that is perfect for family pizza night! They also offer two different sizes in their stylish black ceramic teapots, a 1 quart and a 2.5 quart. These teapots provide you with the capability of drinking clean, non-metallic water. Overall, ceramic far-infrared cooking not only enhances the entire cooking experience but improves the flavor of your food! All food, kitchen, and cooking related affiliates are encouraged to join the Ceramcor affiliate program today in ShareASale! This affiliate program offers great financial benefits including a 12% commission with a 60 day cookie. Please visit Versa Marketing for more information on affiliate program management services.