At Versa Marketing, I'm a Boulderite first and a marketer second. I thrive on the mountain lifestyle:  putting in over 50 days on the mountain every ski season and bagging 14ers in the summers. Luckily, with today’s technology, I can work from a ski lift or while taking a breather at the trail-head. But, when I'm not visualizing the perfect line or deciding where to drop in, I'm at Versa searching out bloggers and websites that match up well with our affiliate programs. It is in the course of this process that I travel a disproportionate amount of daily internet miles. Recently, while crisscrossing the web, I was struck by a simple fact: In any given space, like-minded human beings will gather and create beneficial partnerships. Below, I have classified the 3 Blogger Tribes I commonly run across. Keep in mind my classifications are broad. There are bloggers who don't fit into any category in particular and some who fit into them all. There are Mommies out there who write tech blogs and Travel bloggers who just so happen to have a child in that backpack too. No two bloggers are alike. Consider the blogger's voice and who they are speaking to. There are a plethora of opportunities to marry your product with its perfect audience.

Blogger Campaign Marketing - Image 3 Common Blogger Tribes of Internet Marketing

Mommy Bloggers Mommy bloggers are, to borrow the famous George Washington quote “like fire, a handy servant, but a dangerous master”. They can make or break your campaign, if you happen to be in a vertical they dominate (which sometimes seems like everything). As a rule of thumb, when they like a product, everyone they come in contact with (online and off) knows it. On the flip side, when they don't care for the product, your brand may potentially get burned (and by burned I mean smoked). But, in all seriousness, every Mommy blogger I've worked with has been professional, courteous, and eager to help. Mommies have great big personalities which serve to drive a message of authenticity home to their readership. A word of advice: Within the Mommy blogger community, relationships and trust will always come first and the product pitch always second. They build a relationship with their audience and will not pitch a product that they do not 100% believe in Travel bloggers A travel blogger, in short speak, is everything you wanted to be at 23. They live on a ramen noodle budget, somehow flying from exotic locale to exotic locale while escaping the same fate as the rest of us. Waking up in the morning not knowing where they will sleep the following night is just part of the experience with some of these bloggers. They defy obvious consequences we've all come to expect and instead toss their cares to the wind. Those of us locked into a 9-5 grind may dismiss this tribe at first, but we must give credence to their budgeting and interpersonal skills. This category is flush with review opportunities in the outdoor space. A word of advice: In this community of bloggers, prior relationships are less important than how cool the gear you are offering is. On that note, the value of cultivating relationships within this community cannot be overstated. If a Travel Blogger gives your product the stamp of approval, they will very likely mention more of your products when they fly to Timbuktu next week. Coupon Clippers First of all, when I write about coupon websites, I do not mean companies like Groupon (and, to a lesser extent, Living Social). Who I'm referring to are normal everyday people from across the world dedicated to finding the best bargains. I believe we can all appreciate the distinction between the two. If your experience with coupon clipping is limited to the grocery store circular, then get ready. With this tribe, you're going to get the “low down” on product freebies, daily deals, and good old fashioned money saving strategies. Coupon websites are known to generate an absolute mind-boggling number of monthly unique visits. This makes complete sense given: A. the economy isn't the best shape right now and B. people as generally accepted logic, like to save money. A word of advice: In the coupon community there are layers, (yeah, like an onion). Some bloggers are focused on jeans for boys and others may have a daily deal that follows no rhyme or reason. When selecting a coupon site, first decide if your product and that site make a match. Fact Check Could you run a blogger outreach campaign on your own? Sure, but it would be difficult. It would time and effort away from other areas of your company to find the perfect blogger for your campaign. Versa has an existing list of big name bloggers who love to pitch products. We have developed strong relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. If you've been considering a blogger outreach campaign, contact Versa to see what we can do for your brand.