Looking for a company who supplies bike safety products and has an affiliate marketing program? Based in Boulder, CO, Nite Ize is submersed in a biking culture for everything from commuting to mountain riding. The goal of Nite Ize is to create innovative products and accessories that make life easier. As the days get shorter, cyclists who ride during morning or evening know that lights are an essential piece of gear. The BikeLit from Nite Ize provides clear, obvious nighttime visibility for other cyclists as well as orienting you in relation to traffic. Just like a car, the BikeLit is available in front white and rear red colors. The white attaches to the front cables, illuminating your path and indicating to oncoming traffic that you are there. The red clips to the rails under your seat clearly marking your location to those behind you. Attaching the BikeLit doesn’t require tools, making it quick and easy. The BikeLit features a long-lasting LED light that is visible for up to a mile away and can emit a steady beam or continuous flash. Bike safety goes beyond front and rear lights for safety and visibility. There are other LED light products specifically for bikes from Nite Ize, including a spacious saddle bag and spoke lights. Other LED light products include a belt, bracelet and vest for visibility that you can use while biking or doing other activities outside. Join the affiliate program to promote safety and visibility products from Nite Ize. Affiliate partners earn 12% commission with a 90 day cookie. Affiliate-exclusive coupon codes are offered monthly. All related sites are encouraged to apply to the Nite Ize program. Here is more information about Versa as an Affiliate Marketing Company.