Versa Marketing Inc. is proud to announce it's second review on an affiliate program partner called Bespoke Post Bespoke Post is one of our clients and sent us another subscription box to check out. This box is called the cobbler and focuses "solely" on your shoes, pun intended. Bespoke Post is a monthly subscription box geared towards Men's lifestyle and accessories. It is also a great gift to give with the holiday season shortly upon us. There are several boxes to choose from each month. You also have the ability to opt out at anytime. We are very excited to be partners of this company and look forward to their progression in the monthly box club market. The Cobbler Contents: Shoe Tree Woodlore ($29.95 value) Shoe trees are used to preserve your shoes. The cedar crafted shoe tree will also rid your shoes of any odor. Leather Shoe Horn  ($28 value) This shoe horn is crafted in the United States and is made of steel and leather. Saves the heel of your shoe from becoming crushed. Shoe Bag by Gotham Textiles (unknown value) This is a bag to contain your shoes. Great for when traveling. You can just shove the bag in your suitcase and you don’t have to worry about scuffing your shoes, or dirty shoes on your clean clothes. Laces by Stolen Riches ($17.50 value) It’s time to switch out those laces and freshen up your look. Stolen Riches has been crafting laces for over 100 years. Bespoke Post allows you to skip any boxes you don’t want to receive. Each box comes with a pamphlet describing the contents of the box. Also the pamphlet included tips on how to tie your shoes in 4 different styles. The shipping on the box is of course always free. If you are an online publisher and would like to be one of our Affiliate Management partners click the link to join.