Versa just began affiliate program management on the Bespoke Post program in Impact Radius. Bespoke Post is a men’s monthly subscription box. We just received our first box from this company and we are thrilled. We were super excited to receive this box of awesome.  We were like a couple of kids on Christmas opening gifts. Even our female colleagues were excited when we were showing off the boxes. We were shipped the Highlands box. Each box comes with a pamphlet describing the contents of the box and tips for use of the items. The monthly price of this box is $45 dollars/month. Incredible value as you will see below when I price the items out. The Highlands Box: The highlands box includes
  • Gilded Age scarf ($125 value!)
    • 100% Wool scarf. The company, Gilded Age, is out of New York.
    • Paine’s All Natural Balsam Fir Incense ($4 value)
  • The balsam fir incense smells amazing!
    • They are made from a company in Auburn, Maine.
  • Grooming Trio by Port Products ($28 value)
    • This is a set of face care products for men.
    • It comes in a convenient TSA approved size.
    • Includes a daily cleanser, shave cream,  and moisturizers.
The total price of the contents of this box is $157. That comes up to a savings of $125. On top of the savings, you get to experience the thrill of opening the box and discovering new items you otherwise would not have. Bespoke Post allows you to opt out of any boxes you don’t want to receive. Each box comes with a pamphlet describing the products. Also the pamphlet includes tips on one of the items in the box. The shipping on the box is free. We are looking for affiliate publishers to join the affiliate program and conduct reviews.