On October 1st AvantLink launched their Canadian affiliate marketing network dedicated exclusively for Canadian retailers.  This new network addition is a perfect fit for online retailers that cater specifically to Canada.  Whether a retailer sells exclusively in (or to) Canada or has a dedicated Canadian website, this represents a nice alternative to the general North America network options. AvantLink.ca - Affiliate Marketing Companies Network And even better, affiliates, merchants and marketing companies can expect the same features and functionality that AvantLink is known for.  Including; email, recruiting, ad creation and the well-known data driven tool sets.  They’ve also made the transition fairly seamless for affiliates that would like to participate in the network.  For current US affiliates a simple payment configuration task is all that is needed to begin working with the network.  From there AvantLink provides a toggle button (US vs. CA) in the publisher dashboard.   New affiliates can apply directly through the AvantLink.ca registration form. As one of the North American affiliate marketing companies, Versa Marketing is very excited to have a dedicated Canadian network option at our disposal.  This will most definitely strengthen the case for Canadian advertisers to jump into the affiliate channel.  It also gives US and international advertisers the ability to strengthen their dedicated Canadian presence through a performance based marketing solution.  So Canadian publishers, come talk to us, we now have a great network option for you.  We’ve already heard that the following brands have stepped into the network.Under Armour Canada
  • Skull Candy Canada
  • North By Northwest
  • eLUXE
  • Canadian Cartel
Big thanks to Scott and Chad at AvantLink for briefing us on the AvantLink.ca launch and network details!  Can’t wait to start utilizing the network.